DENTRO by Jester Bulnes

Featuring photographs spanning the years 2018-2022, DENTRO encompasses both
archival works of Bulnes with unrelased work composed primarly this past year
specifically for the project, their very first book. 

Duality, parallels, two, 2, non-binary, them, us, both, home, over there, in-between, within, dentro.

Often feeling in the world “ni aqui ni alla,” (neither here nor there) DENTRO becomes
a manifestation for Bulnes to exist within a multitude of identities. As a way of reclaiming
both their Mexican and Salvadoran identity, as well as their queer identity, this project
challenges that of a traditional photography book and instead becomes a stream of
consciousness for Bulnes in the physical form of a visual diary. 

Edition of 250
160 Pages
Full Color
Hardcover - Cloth 
8 x 10 in.

Special Edition - RED
Edition of 21

Dentro was featured on Dazed Magazine, Office Magazine, and Document Journal.