Jester Bulnes (b. 2002) is a Mexican and Salvadoran interdisciplinary artist who works in photography, painting,
ceramics, video, and performance. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, they are currently in their senior
year at the University of California, Los Angeles where they are working towards completing a BA in Fine Art
with a minor in Chicana/o Studies.

Bulnes’ work is rooted in duality, parallels, and the in-between as a framework for engaging with concrete, clay,
and raw canvas as a way to challenge preconceived notions of identity and expand the possibilities to see things
beyond a western-colonial binary. Often feeling in the world “ni aqui ni alla,” (neither here nor there) their
works becomes a physical manifestation for Bulnes to embody a multitude of identities. They choose specifically
to document and highlight the lives of queer brown bodies through stylized outfits often paying homage to
traditional Latino culture and performative gestures creating what becomes known as self portraits through the use
of others by means of photography and moving image. Their obsession with tagging as disruption, time, building
a personal archive, and the body furthers their departure in dismantling hegemonic structures and the questioning
of hierarchies.

Bulnes has exhibited at the New Wight Gallery (Los Angeles, CA).


The Face
Dazed Beauty
Document Journal
Office Magazine

Clients and Collaborations

The Face
Heaven by Marc Jacobs
Kiko Kostadinov